Our dedicated and experienced production team spend their time capturing awe-inspiring content from the far reaches of the world. Our team is comprised of experts in marketing, creative development, storytelling and cinematography. We can assist your organisation with not only capturing beautiful content, but also help craft stories that will engage your audience and share your story.


Luke McNee

Over ten years experience in production has provided me the opportunity to work as an editor, cameraman, producer & director. My work has taken me all over the world and ignited a passion for creating inspiring content around travel, adventure, lifestyle & nature.

I've joined with WildArk as their head of production to continue the adventure and create inspiring content from around the globe.

Joel Sharpe

Joel is an editor and cinematographer with over 10 years experience specialising in outdoor and adventure video production. He cut his teeth making films while living and travelling throughout Central and South America over four years where he produced an award winning feature length surf film ‘Las Olas’ and numerous award winning shorts.

During that time he also crafted stories for companies like MSNBC, GREAT BIG STORY and The Wall Street Journal. In 2018 Joel moved to the UK where he honed his editing skills working in a busy post production studio in London and then later at the RSPB cutting wildlife films. He’s now based on Millowl (Phillip Island) near Melbourne.